Cody Simpson Touring with Justin Bieber

Any normal 15-year-old would be getting ready for the new school year, but not Cody Simpson. He’s currently on tour with Big Time Rush and he’s not taking any breaks!

After he finishes touring with BTR, Simpson is hitting the road once again with the one and only Justin Bieber on his Believe Tour! “I’m on this tour until like the end of September and then Bieber actually asked me to join him for the first week of his tour so I’m going to start in Vegas with him and do a couple of shows on the West coast around the time of my album,” he dished to MTV.

Even though he’s signed with JB’s manager, Scooter Braun, Cody assures that there is no competition between them. “He’s a good mate of mine, we’ve been in the studio a couple of times together,” the artist said. “He hits me up from time to time like, ‘I got an idea for you, come in we’ll write a song and stuff.’ It’s just good to have musical relationships with people like that. It’s good to learn from artists like that who are in similar positions as you are, but have been doing it for a little longer.”

Be on the lookout for Cody’s new album ‘Paradise,’ which will be out October 2. We can’t wait to see Cody on tour with the Biebs!

Source: Fanlala

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