July 25th, 2010 · Apperances, Cody, Music, Performances

Cody Simpson his already setting American girls’ hearts aflutter. Sure, he could easily be confused with another certain tween-pop R&B sensation but this talented 13-year-old singer is from the land down under — Queensland, Australia.

Cody recently stopped by our office in New York City to meet the staff and perform an acoustic rendition of his single, ‘iYiYi.’

During his visit, Cody also played us the new music video for his single, which also features rapper Flo Rida. “It’s pretty surreal,” he told us. It was the first time he actually got to see the finished version of the video himself.

Pop stardom is a brand new concept for Cody, who was discovered on YouTube. We asked him if he was nervous leaving behind his life in Australia to come to the States, but Cody had a positive attitude about the move.

“I wasn’t nervous but I was sad to leave all my friends and family,” he told us. “But I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.”

It’s an exciting time for the budding star, and Cody is still soaking in the culture of his new home country. “Everyone is rushing around!” he said, having spent a hectic day in the Big Apple. “[There are] a lot more people here. Australia is pretty much laid back.”

He’ll be getting an even longer crash-course in American culture in the coming months, while touring and performing at various summer camps. “We didn’t have camp in Australia, so I can see what it’s like,” he said.

Apart from the summer tour, Cody is spending most of his time working on an upcoming debut album. But even though life’s a little more hectic now, he still makes time for his favorite part of the newfound fame: girls. “I’m busy but…I always have enough time to look.” Check it out in the video below.

We added some HQ photos! Check them out here

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